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Let's get started

After 22 years, TYT has seen more than its fair share of storms. Each time, we have endured and overcome. But we didn’t do it alone. TYT is powered by the people. People like you! 

The digital media industry is experiencing a challenging time right now. Like a storm sinking ships, these difficult times have driven many of our competitors out of business. TYT does not want to end up like them, and we won’t, as long as we can count on you, our audience, for support. We don’t have the backing of the corporate establishment. We have something better: a people-powered news organization dedicated to courageous coverage of the real stories that matter. 

If you’re ready to support TYT, we have several options available, whether you become a member or make a one-time contribution. As part of the Riders in the Storm campaign, all donations of $100 or more will unlock the option to receive a call from our founder, Cenk Uygur. 

For 22 years, we have been able to count on the support of our audience. Together, we will not just take shelter from the storm, but ride through it as one. So please support TYT. We need you now more than ever!